African Business Social Responsibility Forum
We were excited to be invited to the African Social Responsibility Forum in Mauritius. We were
represented by our CEO, Xabiso Lombo. This was a 2 day even which took place on the 26 th and 27 th
of February.
Day one was filled with a variety of panel sessions discussing key issues in Africa. The first Panel
Discussion was on Innovation and Sustainable Development. It tackled the new challenges facing
African Companies. This panel was followed by another where the topic was, what innovative
approaches to support the rise of African Champion. Ending off day 1 were panels on Foundations
on Innovative Societal Actions and How one can Access International Markets: Challenges and
perspectives. In the Evening was a gala dinner to celebrate Entrepreneurs who were doing great
innovation around the world. We would like to congratulate , Phillipa Makobore, Patricia Monthe
and Arthur Zhang, who were entrepreneurs who received awards for their innovations.
Day 2 kickstarted with an all women panel which was titled: Success stories-African champions
innovate for the well-being of all. This was the panel where Guardian Gabriel was invited to
participate in. We were well received by the audience and our CEO was approached by 3 journalists
for an interview. Hereafter one had a choice to attend 1 of 3 master classes each attacking key issues
on innovation, social and environmental transformation and how to further develop your business.
To conclude the day, there were various social visits, Our CEO had the opportunity to visit ABAX, an
international provider of advisory, corporate and business services. This was a valuable learning
On Wednesday Prior to departure, Our CEO was invited to meet the President, this was a very
humbling moment. She also had the opportunity to see a tree that was panted 20 years ago by the
former late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

The knowledge gained from this forum was invaluable and life changing. It goes without saying that
it will be useful in growing our start-up. Our Network has expanded exponentially.

For more pictures on this event visit the African Social Responsibility Forum Page on Facebook