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It is no secret that it has become increasingly unsafe to move about from place to place. The outbreak of missing persons has became overwhelming. We have placed so much faith on our mobile phones to keep us safe using our safety applications however we fail to consider the fact that in times of trouble one may be too shocked to even think about their mobile phone or perpetrators may seek to confiscate the mobile phone first? What happens when our phone battery has died? What do you do when you don’t have data to access your safety application? When there was an outbreak of missing persons In the country we decided I was time to do something. Thus, Guardian Gabriel was born. We create a wearable panic button that works without connectivity to your mobile phone. In the event of an emergency, you press it, the nearest security service gets alerted, they can track your geographical position and send a crew to rescue you. We are a start-up which has seen the dire need to create a safer country. Our Solution seeks to aid in cases of kidnapping and sexual assault as many victims go missing for days before they are found. We use very small wearable Internet Of Things electronics combined with a proprietary Artificial Intelligence that leverages on existing security data and connections to security services in South Africa to build a cutting edge safety solution that works for all. We are very proud to have secured Incubation from La French Tech Labs in Cape Town South Africa. We also were fortunate enough to pitch at AfricArena (an international African Tech conference which was held in Cape Town South Africa) this was where we placed 1 out of 7 start-ups in our challenge.

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